Repair broken or annexation or Balatnin?
أستاذة/أروى عبده عثمان
أستاذة/أروى عبده عثمان
Ahmed Saif Hashed, and wounded Revolution: Ezion fracture Etzion annexation ..
Not on the trail Faraaheedi, black and dad الدؤلي Sebojh, and scholars and masters of language and intonation Bgenh or without as غنة go. What we want to know: Is the term 'reform' broken or annexation, or بالإثنين together? And how and when determined by annexation and fracture cases?
Because masters language ancient deported and were satisfied death, and because the circumstances of the stage of the third millennium + revolutions spring, have been solved and Hilt, and fluctuated, and Chtrt, and Aatgnt, and Howob jumped to لقف «Tahish», have made this stage masters of their own language of Arenha linguistic and came Pferahida and Sebojh special , coming from the network or Mecca and Medina and the bottom of Kandahar.
Repair broken:
If Maglna repair broken with Hamza, manifests itself in the following questions: Is it just breaks character, or break his pregnant language: the real target of human language and did breakage and cracking according cases insurrectionist, against "a thousand" broken Bhmzh and Alcasrh all movements to express? Does cracker starts Pflq head as parliamentary deputy Ahmed Saif Hashed, in a blatant attempt to assassinate him by the army of 'militia' gang called the culture of breakage: «people of concord? Or include rib, legs, neck and abdomen, as happened to the rebels and wounded sitters when Revolution Square prime minister? Mother broke the hands and Dkdqh bones of solidarity with the wounded more than two weeks ago?
We do not know to be broken tools traditional: hitting, slapping, Zbt, cell, and promote, and leather tools Asamal or shot, or used beside modern tools of: treason, heresy, charges bully, and co-conspirator, Houthi, the remnants of the ousted, Affash Finally charge "counter-revolution" with restructuring, and against the restructuring.
And «Jazea» We want to know who they are leaders and leaders of cracking, and brave Hqathm, you are the protectors of the revolution burning and cracking skewers: Sheikh and General Faqih? Or there are sleeper cells, and cells infected sober and Balrazem being cut off from the Revolutionary storage "qat" and through mobilization for strategic reasons and security reasons.
This letter "A" from the Book of reform, reform breakage, consider cracking and shuffling papers and beaten and broken stone with her sister through temptation and culture of sectarianism, breaking concepts of modernity by adopting, then Mschha to turn into its opposite and then terrorism and the prosecution both adopted as «the concept of a civil state» and «secular» and «constitution» and «freedom» and «change», becomes broken concept civil as «claim your mother or your sister off the hijab or Alhurcv», or civil way Sheikh thyme on Fri breaking civil state in «Kandahar sixty» and if by turn into a religious state police Staff first goals assassination mind and will by guillotine breakage: «crowd», or the way the gift MPR: "The people want to overthrow Saleh» Lopes, or Kvd sit injured on hunger strike for more than half a month by force, those Almmelthvon sky and the open and the cold and frost, and shouts military and Teixeiarham and Admaúhm by "reform of the militia« charity and his brother »/« Eyal Qahtan »or Qahatna new (Kader Qahtan and Interior Minister, Mohammed Qahtan guide political and military reform fracture), and with them the rest of the Coterie of operational tools to break: rock facet, and the Kingdom of the argument and fulfillment, then their leader who taught them the ABCs of breakage Ali Mohsen and Cikhm all Hamid al-Ahmar and Wu, etc..
The fracture bloodiest that we heard yesterday after the incident assassination attempt criminal suffered by the Attorney rally and the total injured, is that Alhls revolutionary, to inform the Kingdom «E» crumb «reform»: "regrets the government for what happened, and demanding an investigation», is there Bjahh largest Who is this?! .. It breakage in its worst manifestations, like being for the people of the south and battles cracking and splitting their heads and unmanageable annexation, even if came across the unit or death. same vessels being in Taiz because their portfolios do not pray Fajr and Friday in yard fracture revolutionary, and the same The machine is bone-crushing women Yemen Butnihn about attitudes fatwas atonement and the Nile from Okhalagahn in society breakers is «honor women like Chkth sulfur», is a system fracture lien, breakage red prints Yemen for more than 33 years, and much Fezazth red Aleghana branch Sheikh and the Kingdom of measles - ( Secretariat of you, O Ali Saleh, any milk Erdathm, and how Jnthm and any bakery Bzathm)!!
Breakage Mr. reform .. It workmanship that proficient with distinction, a contractor only in the Kingdom of Sheba, break on the way Islamic revolutionary: Breaking the education, culture and the arts, and human and civil rights and the museum, and the pen, and cinema, and each object Atdhad with connecting fracture, and its base: from beyond the pale reform, Flethml consequences breakage In best humiliated in dignity, and humanity ..
Annexation reform:
Annexation: The second phase comes immediately after the break, he annexation «Revolutionary and religious» annexation reform free from the apse and compassionate but strongly acquisitions through folklore annexation: "Either you are with us or against us», and strongly «lying salt men», and instinct «FEEDS» and « Malvih Ocrdoh 'and' your country and the country Mahesh, Hasher and Paul and destination country here 'boundaries of the tribe' else, is the last and goes free.
And our simple example: Just as broken and included and inflicted State land tenure and endowments was annexation and placement of: rights and home and converted to spot, insight and their sum "Djerba" King of each instrument begins with the letter "A" crumb, "a" reform.
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